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copyright John and Dawn Birdsell 
Arizona Skies Meteorites 
October 19, 2004 copyright
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One of the images above is an approved Martian Meteorite (NWA 2373),
copyright John and Dawn Birdsell
Arizona Skies Meteorites
New approved meteorites
by the Meteoritical Society
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Rocks, they annoy, intrigue, inspire, heat, supply energy, are in our bodies, are moulded in to all types of man made objects and also support our feet.

Imagine you’re a piece of cosmic interstellar dust floating through space for four and a half billion years turning on your axis tens of billions of times every second so tiny that you fit on the tip of a needle, no brakes, no steering, out of control on the busiest highway in the universe.
Hundreds of billions of these extraterrestrial dust particles hit the earth every day, other particles hit each other. Fast moving collisions cause mini morphisms welding particles together into larger particles called chondrules. Chondrules attract other chondrules, cosmic particles and gases. Masses of chondrules form larger space rocks with diverse chemical properties such as water, they are meteoroids. Moving through space meteoroids gather more cosmic dust, gases and chondrules forming asteroids and comets. Some meteoroids asteroids and comets smash together violently breaking in to smaller particles. only to be attracted yet again to another space rock as gravity pulls them together. With a dominant size and gravity space rocks undergo so many interactions with other cosmic particles that there is no way to imagine the number of times this happens.
When space rocks land on Earth they do not stay space rocks for long, older space rocks are melted and separated into pure elements in the Earths core filling in cracks in the Earths crust with metals such as gold, or spewing out as lava or glass ash in volcanic eruptions.
Younger space rock objects weather away, then are dragged by faults down deep into the Earths crust where super heated rock soups mix with gases under great preasures. Morphing in to new rocks such a quartz and diamonds. As time passes rock objects caught in the Earths crust are forced up and out to the surface in faults as mountains or volcanoes.

Rare treasures or interesting rocks, that may or may not have fallen from the sky are the focus of

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